Managing VMware Workstation under Linux from Command line without GUI

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  • To runs a VMware guest without GUI:
    vmrun -T ws start /path/to/vm.vmx nogui

  • To stop a virtual machine:
    vmrun -T ws stop /path/to/vm.vmx nogui

  • Pause:
    vmrun -T ws pause /path/to/vm.vmx nogui

  • Unpause:
    vmrun -T ws unpause /path/to/vm.vmx nogui

  • To create a Snapshot with the vmrun command:
    vmrun -T ws snapshot /path/to/vm.vmx SnapShotName nogui

  • To revert to a snapshot:
    vmrun -T ws revertToSnapshot /path/to/vm.vmx SnapShotName nogui

  • List running virtual machines:
    vmrun list

  • To install guest tools:
    vmrun -T ws installTools /path/to/vm.vmx

  • To get a guest IP address:
    vmrun -T ws getGuestIPAddress /path/to/vm.vmx