My review on the Stanford Advanced Computer Security Certificate program

If you are interested in Stanford Advanced Computer Security Program, or you are thinking about starting the program, this may help you.

To complete the advanced certificate program, you need to pass six exams. Most of the courses are 6- 10 video lectures, in addition to PDF presentation files and labs (in some courses).

To pass a course, you need to score 90% (at least) in the online exam.

Stanford Center gave two certificates in the course:

1) Software Security Foundations: Which is awarded after passing the course XACS101 - Software Security Foundations.

Stanford Software Security Certificate

This course is taught by Neil Daswani and Dan Boneh (They also teach almost all of the advanced program courses)

They taught "Foundations of Security: what every programmer needs to know" book which is recommended by this course. Software Security Information is taught by Neil Daswani and Dan Boneh. Dan Boneh is teaching the encryption part which I have found to be the most interesting thing in the whole program.

2) Advanced Computer Security: which is gained after passing five more courses.
Stanford Advanced Computer Security Certificate

The courses are self-contained; some courses can be completed within weeks if you studied hard by watching the videos more than once and doing the labs.

The most challenging course was XACS131 Writing Secure Code, it was the toughest one for me, especially because I come from a systems engineering background.

XACS215 Mobile Security and XACS301- Emerging Threats and Defense are very informative and easy.
After passing the exams, you will get the certificate with a digitally certified record of completion PDF file.

In conclusion, the complete advanced program is very informative, challenging, very interesting, and of course will improve your professional life.